National Weather Service -Prepare for Sprint weather

FEMA has published, in collaboration with the National Weather Service, information on preparing for Spring weather.  The topic is:

Prepare your family for spring weather with information from the National Weather Service. Learn how to prepare and respond to the most common hazards by clicking any of the links below:


In Whatcom County our community is vulnerable to flood events during this time of the year.  In this article, link included ,  information is provided on Flood Safety, Flood Warning vs. Flood Watch, Before a Flood (actions to take), During a Flood, and After a Flood.  As has been observed in the media, flooding is an incredible damaging event and in many instances one that people are least prepared for and recovery long and pains taking.  The intent is to educate individuals to be safe and know what to do.  Specifically, how to be smart and stay safe.

There are interactive links to give you specific information, flood map provided by the USGS in addition an option to access specific State information on the types of floods – see Washington.